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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Running background checks for tenant applications in Middle Tennessee

Running background checks Middle TennesseeFinding the right tenant for your Middle Tennessee rental home is the utmost important aspect of managing your rental property. Screening the tenants well to find responsible, reliable long-term tenants will help you limit possible short-term renters and long-term headaches. Real Property Management Rental Solutions can aid you with screenings and running background checks to find the best fit for your property while also keeping in mind discrimination and other laws that need to be followed.

Rental Application Form

The first step in screening and running background checks is to have a rental application that covers all the information you may need to evaluate a future tenant. Include questions about income or other financial status, employment, and past rental history. In addition, you will want the applicant to sign a release form that authorizes background, criminal, and credit checks. At RPM Rental Solutions, we also have applicants sign a release form that gives their employer or previous landlords the right to speak with us about them, as many are not authorized to release this information to you without this written and signed consent. When evaluating the application, look for continual patterns like recurring change or gaps of employment or many moves. Also, any areas left blank or other gaps on the form are often a red flag. Don’t hesitate to ask the tenant to explain.

Contact References

Be sure to do your due diligence by calling references listed. The application should provide contact information for previous landlords, employers, and other character references. Real Property Management Rental Solutions looks for gaps in landlord history that might raise suspicion, especially if the most recent landlord is not listed. In addition to asking previous landlords if a tenant paid rent consistently, additional questions can offer helpful information into what renting to that tenant will be like. Ask questions about timeliness of payments, damage to the unit, any conflict with neighbors, if the security deposit was collected, and if the landlord would want to rent to this tenant again. Real Property Management Rental Solutions has often used information from references to avoid risky renters.

Criminal Background Checks

While credit checks are essential to assessing a potential tenant’s ability to pay rent, it is also essential to check every applicant’s criminal background. It is your responsibility to ensure the safety of the community of your rental home. It is difficult for people with a criminal history to become home owners, so it is common for repeat offenders to apply for rental homes. Criminal history is quick and easy to include when you are running background checks for applicants. Other registered lists such as terrorist activities and sex offender lists can also be included.

Real Property Management Rental Solutions, based in Murfreesboro, TN and serving all of Middle Tennessee, can help you with screening and running background checks to find a lasting tenant for your rental property. Contact us at 615-900-4067 to learn more about our property management services!

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