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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

How the Realtor and Property Manager Relationship is Beneficial for Both Parties

Making the Most Out of a Realtor and Property Manager Partnership

Too often we think of today’s real estate landscape as separate real estate silos. First, there are homes for sale. Then there are rentals. Finally, there are investment properties. Fact is, these properties are not exclusive to one another. Then you have a realtor and property manager.

A home for sale this month may be a rental next month. Likewise, a rental property one quarter could go up for sale next quarter. And an investor could flip a house and put it on the market at a moment’s notice.

Therefore, no matter if you’re a real estate investor, a Realtor or if you manage properties like us, you should start envisioning ALL real estate as mutually beneficial opportunities.

At Real Property Management Rental Solutions, we partner with Realtors and investors to benefit one another. Here are a couple of the ways we help Realtors in Middle Tennessee.


#1 We Help Realtors Focus on Bigger Commission Clients

While successful Realtors pride themselves on serving every client, most would rather devote their valuable time to helping buyers and sellers. Not renters. Seasoned Realtors know rental clients require lots of their time, yet deliver little (if any) commission.

Next time you get that rental client who wants you to spend your entire Saturday driving from one property to another, let your local property managers help instead. Not only can we save you from the time and hassle, when your client is ready to purchase, we will happily return the favor.


#2 We Eliminate Realtors’ Headaches, Hassles and Hours of Wasted Time

Today’s top-producing Realtors have learned to make the absolute most of their valuable time. That means spending more time attracting clients and selling them on your services.

If you own an investment property, you might think you’re saving time and money by handling everything yourself. Collecting the rent. Fixing that toilet. Maintaining the lawn. Not to mention the complex forms and legal obligations.

It’s hours and days of your time each and every month. Time that you’re NOT spending marketing yourself or serving your clients.

When you have a reputable property manager like Real Property Management Rental Solutions on speed dial, we can take all of these time constraints off of your plate. You simply focus on making money. Easy!


We Love Realtor Referrals — We Treat Your Clients Like Gold

Time IS money. As a Realtor or investor, the more time you spend knee-deep in all of the hassles of managing a rental property, the less time you’re cashing the big commission checks.

Do you change your car’s oil yourself? Do you service your own HVAC unit? Of course not. You leave those jobs to the professionals because it saves you from the time and hassles. The same should apply to the rental clients you serve and the investment properties you manage.

Therefore, consider referring your rental clients to Real Property Management Rental Solutions. With every rental client you refer, we will hold true to two promises.

  1. We promise to give your clients the professional care and attention they deserve.
  2. We promise to always contact you immediately if your client decides to buy or sell.

Contact us Today to Learn More about a Property Management Partnership

Real Property Management Rental Solutions is the leading residential property management company in Murfreesboro, Smyrna, LaVergne, and surrounding areas. Let us be the trusted property management partners you can count on to better serve your clients while saving you countless hours and dollars. Call us at 615-900-4067 to learn more about how we can work together.

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